So I haven't done a very good job keeping this up.

Lots of reasons and excuses, but suffice it to say that the stress of many other things got to me.

Back to it then.

The idea over the next three months is to cut out sugar again. No sweets. I'll be tracking stats and food again starting tomorrow to measure any progress.

Not ready to cut out artificial sweeteners yet. 


Daily... Uh, Yeah, Well About That...

My body is no where near ready. I'm kind of embarrassed actually. Only 5 reps each and for the next 4 days I could feel my legs burning. To the point that I knew if I tried more of the excercises that I'd collapse. 


So, new plan: start weekly, but add 1 rep each week; I can always add more days if (nah! WHEN!) my body adapts. 

As for the walking, I've steadily hit 20k steps daily. Today was tough though. I only had 5 minutes to spare after going to Tennessee to pick up the girls.

Oh, and my work shoes aren't cut out for it. I have blisters now from walking at work through breaks and 1x1s.

New work shoes are needed. Ones that look classy and wear well for walking.


Small "Success" and "Always Hungry"

My caloric intake today was through the room. Breakfast, Large Popcorn for lunch [I know, my guilty pleasure], and a home-cooked meal for dinner... with dessert.  Almost 2800 calories, yet with the exercise, I'm still almost 900 in the green. Zoinks.

20k steps a day is no joke.

Anyway - I hit the exercises tonight for the first time.  Much much tougher than I though.  "Easy" should not be in the title of the program BuzzFeed put out. Ended up doing about 5 reps of each.  Except for the pushups and the side planks. 2 and 1 respectively.

On my way to the movies today, I was listening to Science Friday today and caught a eerily timed article about a "new diet." To be fair, it's not billed as a diet but rather a way to re-train or "reprogram" fat cells.  The author/doctor makes the claim that calorie intake is not the real problem, it's more about how fat cells are engaged.  Looks like I'll have a new book to read to add to the list of suspect "fad" diets I have on the list.  I remain skeptical, but he is an MD with a PhD and has at his disposal entire facilities and staff to aid in his research so his title, experience, and passion warrant a bit of research on my part if I wish to partake in some sort of dietary change with the sole purpose of moving myself out of the "obese" category.

On the bookshelf (soon) is "Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently" by David Ludwig, MD, PhD

Exercises locked in...

Alright, I procrastinated a little which put me at finishing this after midnight, but I got it done.

BuzzFeed Life's 28 Day Challenge was the inspiration here, but I'm going to try to get these in daily [just fewer reps so that I can build myself up to it].

I'm thinking to start with 10 each.  Once I get going pretty well, then I can either jump into the 28 day challenge or just increase the reps comfortably.

I built a powerpoint to track each exercise daily so that I can show progress, but all credit should go to BuzzFeed's Sally Tamarkin.

Here's a shot of the exercises printed out:



Well, looks like things at work have quickly escalated my plans. The wife going to see her family for a couple of months (overseas) kinda encouraged it too. Keeps the mind busy and all. 

Anyway, I plan to take a look at some exercise routines online.

The work goal is 30 days, who can get the most steps. My plan is to hit 20k daily. Hopefully folks will challenge me. 

I'm keeping my goal (and started Sunday) of taking a picture of myself daily, measuring myself weekly, and keeping a daily journal.

More tomorrow.


Today is the day...

So, today is the day I start tracking everything again and start looking/researching for the right diet and exercise routine. I need a baseline to compare to, so I'm eating "normal" for the next two weeks. 

I've also started taking daily pictures of myself try and boost my self-esteem. We'll see how that goes. 

Finally, I'm keeping a daily diary. 

Lots of changes for 2016.

Wish me luck! 


Very Inspirational

I remember being a huge fan of DDP back when he was a WWE wrestler. I really enjoyed watching him.  Total badass.

Enough so that when my friend basically named my cat DDP, I was totally on board with it.

I knew DDP had worked with one person before, Arthur, and although it was truly inspirational, I considered this a great example for his marketing for the DDP Yoga series.  Not that it was fake or anything, just that it was given a lot of hype likely due to marketing.

But then I saw this... From Jared. Another story, just like Arthur's, but this one rang very close to me.  I've never been as large as Arthur, but the message was very powerful to me.  I saw that it was on DDP's channel and again, inspirational but strong with marketing.

But then I saw boogie2988's reaction. This one is not marketing, and I know that because boogie2988 has been honest and sincere since I started watching him.

It includes shots of DDP working with boogie2988.

Now, I know this is still marketing. I know that this is a way for DDP to push his product and to get the word out there...

... but it's also changing lives in what I see as an honest, moral, and effective way. Not just for positive influence, but for life; living.

This may just be the exercise regime that I need. Even through the marketing hype, seeing boggie2988's honest reaction really hit home to me.  If he believes in it, and I see the effort and effect from Arthur's and Jared's experience, I think I'm in.

But this of course means I may need to get a damn DVD player now. What is this, 1999 ?!