I cannot express enough how much I love YNAB ("You Need A Budget"). 

As I was catching up on my backlog of YouTube videos today, I came across this gem where they talking about data privacy.  It was in plain language and very customer focused.  Bottom line, they're not going to use or sell customer financial data nor are they going to sell usage data. Ever. Just not going to happen. 

I've heard that before from other companies, ahem, Facebook/Google/Instagram, but this feels legit. They didn't release some legal press release, they recorded a video about it and posted it online.  It felt very much like a "not on my watch," attitude and I love it. 

It made me think about what I want to do when I grow up (we're always thinking about the next big thing, right?).  If I were a millionaire, what would I want to do? If money wasn't a concern at all... I'd want to help people with their financial planning.  Not the investment stuff.  I would enjoy walking people through how to plan their spending; how to get out of financial holes; how to cut necessary corners to set their families up for success in the future.  I'd want to do that for the under-served communities. 

Maybe someday.

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