Digital Picture Frame

 I'm seriously considering building a digital picture frame for the apartment.  There's the corner on the wall that would be perfect to have in the background of virtual meetings.  I searched Ecosia for some ideas and was inspired by GeekToolkit's Dynaframe. Well documented and functions perfectly for what I'm wanting to do. I need to check out a few of the others, but using an LCD panel with Raspberry Pi was exactly what I was looking for.  I don't want to have to make an actual wood/metal frame for it.  I just have to figure out how they mounted it.  Maybe some of the other videos would have that information or another approach that would be fun to try.  I do also like the idea of building a weather station into it.  We'll see. 


July 4th

 I get it. I really do. There's a lot of pride on this country, and there's a lot to be proud of.  I also understand that there are so many countries that have it way WAY worse than us. And for people that come to this country looking for a better way of life, even if only a little better, this country is such a benefit to them. "Benefit," is likely not strong enough of a word in their mind, I'm sure.  

That being said, I can't get over the history of this country.  I find history fascinating, which is one of the reasons I live in Philly.  The US, however, has a foundation built deep in theft and destruction of so many cultures.  On a podcast the other day, I heard a quote that shook me.  Basically the quote stated something to the effect of this country being literally built on stolen land and on the stolen work from slaves. Not just black slaves, but indentured servitude that was a life-long sentence, such as the Chinese.  In my own blood-line I see that land was stolen from my ancestors that were members of ancient American civilizations and then handed right over to other people in my blood-line that owned slaves. 

It's incredibly complicated, I know. But it's difficult for me to see the declaration of independence from England as any more than a land-grab from the ancient Americans that lived here and thrived here before the English came along. 

I do realize we take two steps forward and one step back almost every year here in the US so we are progressing.  But so many other countries have progressed so much further than we have. Well, except gun rights.  We have the monopoly on that one.  I'm glad, but I really would like to see us do better for people in need and to close the income gap. 


Moving Day !

 I cannot WAIT until moving day.  Technically, it's not until Monday 7/5, but I might be able to get the keys later today and start moving a few things.  I figured I'd go up there tonight and use one of the augmented reality apps to see if I can virtually place my furniture before I start moving stuff up. It's only one floor, but I'd like to get an idea of what goes where before I start. 

Why move only one floor up?  Because of the view.  For the past year, I've only had a view of a wall.  It's not terrible, but because I'm working from home, it's my only view.  It sucks.  Everything else about the apartment are fantastic. 

Now, I still have to figure out how to remove the crown molding I put into place. I start removing it today and realized I was pulling the paint off.  I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet.  This might cost me a bit because it's tearing up the drywall.  That really sucks.  But, I figured it might do that when I installed it.  I was certain it wouldn't do that because of what I read online, but... well... lesson learned.  Now I just have to figure out how to mount the lighting in the new apartment without tearing up the drywall.