Over the next week or so...

Over the next week or two, I plan to eat the same and be as active as I have been for the past 6 months. The idea is that I have some meal data and activity data (which I haven't beentracking) to compare with what I change. 

So KFC buffet and Mexican is in! (Woot!)

After eating last night, I couldn't help shake the idea that I can't remember having hunger pangs. Marshall Brain mentioned that as a thing throughout his posts and videos. I think I had them the last time I dieted but I more often felt light headed, which is what I'm hoping to avoid with this new approach. 

So this is where things may get a bit personal or graphic. Last night I slept on my side and felt my belly against my arm. It disgusted me. Maybe it shouldn't, but it did. Got to change that. 

On with the day! 

Wait, how did I gain 3 pounds since yesterday?! Oh yeah, pizza. 

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