Cruella and the American Diversity Problem

 I watched Cruella in the theater today. It was fantastic! Definitely my favorite Disney film now. I’m really enjoying the villain series. This one even topped Maleficent in my option. Emma Stone portyaed the role beautifully. But what brought it together was the ambiance of the whole film. The costumes, the artistic wardrobe designs, the 60s style where old-school traditional met with new rock grunge. Truly magnificent. I also appreciate how the writers dealt with trauma. They were careful not to oversimplifying or over correct the outcome. That hair, omg. Spectacular!

The extended musical preview of In the Heights got me to thinking about diversity in the US today. So many cultures mixed throughout the states, yet we are often referred to as a great Christian nation. Why do so many people here have to normalize their own outlooks and lifestyles on others? It’s expected that everyone is to accept that churches exist to help the poor, but often the same members shun those that don’t share the same political opinion, or dietary desires, or sexual orientation. So many things. And there are so many different types of churches too. I would challenge any of the southern Baptist churches I grew up around to prove that all their beliefs are the same, yet they shun others who are different. I feel like I expanded more on this in my head, but I want to keep the post short, I just don’t understand why more Americans aren’t accepting of others beliefs. 

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