Daily... Uh, Yeah, Well About That...

My body is no where near ready. I'm kind of embarrassed actually. Only 5 reps each and for the next 4 days I could feel my legs burning. To the point that I knew if I tried more of the excercises that I'd collapse. 


So, new plan: start weekly, but add 1 rep each week; I can always add more days if (nah! WHEN!) my body adapts. 

As for the walking, I've steadily hit 20k steps daily. Today was tough though. I only had 5 minutes to spare after going to Tennessee to pick up the girls.

Oh, and my work shoes aren't cut out for it. I have blisters now from walking at work through breaks and 1x1s.

New work shoes are needed. Ones that look classy and wear well for walking.

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