Small "Success" and "Always Hungry"

My caloric intake today was through the room. Breakfast, Large Popcorn for lunch [I know, my guilty pleasure], and a home-cooked meal for dinner... with dessert.  Almost 2800 calories, yet with the exercise, I'm still almost 900 in the green. Zoinks.

20k steps a day is no joke.

Anyway - I hit the exercises tonight for the first time.  Much much tougher than I though.  "Easy" should not be in the title of the program BuzzFeed put out. Ended up doing about 5 reps of each.  Except for the pushups and the side planks. 2 and 1 respectively.

On my way to the movies today, I was listening to Science Friday today and caught a eerily timed article about a "new diet." To be fair, it's not billed as a diet but rather a way to re-train or "reprogram" fat cells.  The author/doctor makes the claim that calorie intake is not the real problem, it's more about how fat cells are engaged.  Looks like I'll have a new book to read to add to the list of suspect "fad" diets I have on the list.  I remain skeptical, but he is an MD with a PhD and has at his disposal entire facilities and staff to aid in his research so his title, experience, and passion warrant a bit of research on my part if I wish to partake in some sort of dietary change with the sole purpose of moving myself out of the "obese" category.

On the bookshelf (soon) is "Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently" by David Ludwig, MD, PhD

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